Reviews for Vengeance





Review 1

A great choice for a holiday read. You won't want to put it down!

By mb on 17 April 2014


This author just gets better. Having read his previous books and enjoyed every page, I expected just the same from this book. I was wrong, this is a leap forward.
Vengeance starts well with a realistic plot and recognizable characters in familiar situations, but then the author gets to work! With many twists and inventive turns, surprising relationships and brilliantly described murder scenes, I continually changed my mind on how things would end. I did get it wrong and would not wish to spoil a good story by revealing all , but be assured of a good and satisfying read if you buy this or the other of this authors publication.
Well done Mr Morritt, more please!


Review 2

Great Read!

By Tracey 05 July 2015


Great novel, couldn't put it down, holds your attention all the way through. This is the 3rd book I've read by John Morritt, the other 2 follow the ups and downs in the life of Ed Case - where's the next one - I can't wait.
A good holiday read!


Review 3

Another Classic Book


By David Margetts on 23 June 2015


Great book, An absolute thriller that keeps you gripped right to the last page. It has a bit of everything. Wit, Humor, sarcasm and violence. I have read all this authors books and they just get better and better. Looking forward to the next one.



Review 4

I have read both John Morritt’s previous books, which both had Ed Case as the main character and couldn’t put them down. I was hoping for a third Ed book as I wanted to see what happens in the next episode of his life. My disappointment at this book not being about Ed Case, was soon forgotten as it is yet another outstanding book by the author. There are lots of characters in this book that you love to hate, centred round an excellent and compelling story. There is a twist in the end, which leaves you wondering if the good guys were really good and the bad really bad. I’ve read it twice and still cannot decide.



Review 5

Another Page turner from this author. A gripping story full of deceit, violence and of course the author’s usual liberal smattering of humour. The story builds and builds and culminates in an explosive ending. Another five star read and can’t wait for the next book by this author.