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Review 1


By mb - 14 Mar. 2016

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I was looking forward to the next instalment of Ed Case and was not disappointed. The story follows on from Nine Lives with old favourite DCI Bob Brown and TJ and you are immediately into the horrors of the past and in to the hopes of a more peaceful, normal future life. But of course this just doesn't happen to Ed and the story builds quickly from a simple mystery puzzle into a complex tale of horror, violence and tragedy. I really enjoyed this book and pondered the many twists and turns the author used to keep me wondering as well as recognising the realism of a tale of real life. John Morritt is a very inventive and readable author who is challenging and entertaining and very much recommended.


Review 2


Another great read.


By PBELL 18 September 2016


Well worth the long wait for the third Ed Case novel. Ed, now living in Cornwall hopes for a quiet life, but you know that isn’t going to happen. Sure enough, Ed soon finds himself up to his neck in trouble and dealing with it as only Ed could. DCI Brown is at hand to help and the banter between the two is as caustic as ever. An amazing plot with unexpected twists and turns all the way with a liberal splash of dark humour that I enjoyed so much in the author’s previous novels. Just hope there are more Ed Case books to come.