When Ed unearths a 150-year-old mystery while renovating their house, and as they set about investigating it, they uncover damning details that takes a terrifying turn, exacerbating the resident’s hostility towards them.

Their situation becomes worse when Ed’s friend, DCI Bob Brown, asks him for a favour. Ed knows it wouldn’t just be a case of ‘give Roly a knuckle sandwich and job done’; life is never that simple for Ed.

With recent events and his fragile mental health, Ed is caught in a situation where he has to choose between breaking his promise to TJ to stay out of trouble, or help Bob. There is only one outcome and soon Ed finds himself drawn in the criminal underworld of ex-London gangster Harry Daniels.



Authors Notes


I should have realised when I was forced to stop writing this book, shortly after the release of Nine Lives, due to an inability to link two parts of the plot together, that it was going to be a difficult book to write. I picked up the manuscript again after publishing Vengeance in 2015 and was surprised at how easily I managed to link the two plots together and carry on with the book. The result is that like Black Cockles, there are two main plots, however, unlike Black Cockles the two come together to form a single and explosive ending to the book.


This book gave me yet another chance to team up Ed with Bob Brown and to write in some more barbed one-liners and abrasive dialogue between the two. This time it is Bob who needs Ed’s special skills to help him out of a tight spot, although in usual Bob style, Ed is left feeling he is the one asking for a favour. This is despite Ed having vowed to live a quiet life with TJ in Cornwall, after his exploits with Johnny Gold in London, had left him physically and mentally scarred and suffering mental health issues. Before long Ed is up to his old tricks again, endearing himself to the locals and finding new enemies in the course of doing Bob’s dirty work.


The publishing of Inglorious was delayed by almost a year. This was thanks to some poor editing by an over exuberant editor, who removed 25% of the content, removed the personality of many of the characters and even wrote in some cheesy one-liners, one would be embarrassed to find inside a Christmas cracker. After salvaging the manuscript I found another Editor who completed a top class job of making the manuscript beautiful once again and I was able to publish Inglorious in the autumn of 2016.