Nine Lives



When Soho club owner Johnny Gold, Tells Ed "I could use someone like you." Ed Jumps at the opportunity of a job as a bouncer. Little does he know that he is entering a world of sleaze and corruption that will put his very life in danger, because Johnny has a hidden agenda. It is only exotic dancer TJ that stops him walking away but even TJ has a secret.

After Johnny frames Ed for murder, he flees the club in a maelstrom of violence and is pursued the length of the country by two of Soho's most ruthless gangs, because Ed has something that belongs to Johnny and they all want it back - At Any Cost.

Surviving a terrifying orgy of death and violence Ed heads back to London believing his ordeal is finally over, unaware that his real nightmares are just beginning.



Authors Notes


In many ways, Nine Lives, was much easier to write than my first novel, Black Cockles. However, despite planning both novels meticulously, neither followed the path set on day one. Many throw-away characters became lead characters, and lead characters became bit parts. It may seem like a cliché but the story seemed to take a life of its own and dictate its own path. TJ was only meant to be a friendly face at Johnny’s, the club where Ed worked, little did I realise how integral to the entire book she would become. TJ and Ed are a well-balanced pairing, both having tragic pasts. We learn much of Ed’s past in Black Cockles and TJ’s past is gradually revealed in this book. Ed sees a lot of himself in TJ and being a sucker for a damsel in distress cannot turn a blind eye to her plight. This sees him drawn into the criminal underworld of Soho and forced into making some tough decisions. Nothing in life is ever easy for Ed and once again some spur of the moment actions and hasty decision making, sees him become the target of some of London’s most ruthless criminals. I was desperate to weave DCI Bob Brown into the equation, to rekindle their love-hate relationship. I’m happy to say Bob an Ed, get together, with the usual mayhem, acid banter and scathing one-liners.

For me this was a much easier book to write than Black Cockles as everything fell into place naturally. If fact, looking back at my initial plot outline, it is only the first couple of chapters that follow the plan. There are lots of little sub-plots and hopefully, unexpected twists and turns to make the reader want to keep turning the pages. Overall, in my opinion, the result was a much better balance of humour, romance and crime than Black Cockles.